Established since 1997,The Cycom Sale & Service Sdn.Bhd.,aimed to provide better had successfully build up it.s reputation as a reliable retailer ever since.

The World of IT,are often filled with new innovation,which is why We constantly keeping an eye for latest innovation,and updates our inventory to make sure you have the latest technology off our shelf, because of that, honored as one of the “Top Ten Reputable Computer Retailers’ Website to refer” by Sin Chew Jit Poh,one of the renowned chinese language newspaper in Malaysia,

Getting Decent After Sales Service can sometimes be harder than getting the actual product itself,which is why we tries to minimize your after sales fuzz with Our Dedicated Technical Support Department are available to help you,going through your head-scratching computing moments.

In order to provide better service,we continuously expands our outlets to cover other places outside the KL Central.s vicinity.which in turns increase our customer base on surrounding area and making our service easier to reach by existing customers which stays outskirts of KL area.